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Full text of "Ludlow Salesmen's Book (No. 47), Section "E-M" (Elrod Machines)"

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-.cheated $4,465.00 SALPA 

Gas-heated 4,125.00 SALTY 

Model E (up to and including 18-point) 

Electric-heated 3,965.00 SALTA 

Gas-heated 3,625.00 SALVE 

Accessory box and bracket (when order- 
ed with machine) 90.00 POONS 

(See Elrod Auxiliary Equipment) 

Model K (up to and including 18-point) 

Electric-heated 2,725.00 KALEC 

Gas-heated 2.425.00KAGAS 

The following ai 

115 volt D. C ABANA 

115 volt A. C. 60 cycle, single-phase ABBAS 

115 volt A. C. 50 cycle, single-phase ABEAB 

230 volt D. C ABOMA 

208 to 240 volt A.C. 60 cycle, single-phase ABOOH 

208 to 240 volt A.C. 50 cycle, single-phase ABRAM 

According to the manufacturer, motors 

satisfactorily on an approximate 10% 
variation plus or minus in voltage. Zn 
other words, a 1 1 5 vc " 

agebetween 103 volts 
a 230 volt motor is desig 
satisfactorily on any lii 

If the electrical specificat 

This charge covers not only the 

additional cost of special equipment but 
also the additional wiring costs on three 

Ludlow Typogreph Company 


Model F Elrod Machine 

from 1-point up to and including 36 poi 

eluded in the Model E machine, and in 

Mold Adapter 

al Holding Detent 

from 1-point up to and including 18 points. 

A W water supply line, reduced to Ve" at the machine, 
Bhould be provided for. A W drain is also required. 

The water consumption varies according to the product 
being produced. The hair-line on 2-point and twin lead 

per hour to properly carry off the heat. The 36-point material 
requires as much as 55 gallons per hour. 


of other equipment, the Ludlow Typograph 
3 objection to this change, as it should not 
le operation of the machine. It should be clearly un- 

letal Drip Cup . . -^8'iS 
1 No. EC-1255 Wrench for Oiler 

" to Set Screw Wrench (W> 

A Bristo Set Screw Wrench (5/16") 
S. Wrench (Vi") 
'A Wrench <s/a") 

* Di re 

10 Pliers . - 

! W.6€> 

1 Gal. No. AEC-1250A-1 Elrod Mold Oil 
6 No. EC-1318B Shearing Fins 

M281C Oil Diffusion Tube 

1 AFG-700 Pressure Oil Can 

1 Set AFG-125 Hexagon Socket Key 

A quantity of Starting Strips 


No. A-1582 Special Starting Strip 

No. A-1655-A Mold Remover 
No. A-1019 Sealing .':: 
No. A-1337-B Drip Cup 

o. A-1520 Special Mold P: 



Height Models (ems) 


App. App. 


.765 All models 6 



.765 All models 5 


750 70 

Rule All models 5 




Hule All models 5 

350 80 

400 115 

Rule All models b'A 

12 pt. hollow 

.765 All models 6 

Rule All models 5 

225 125 

18 pt] hollow 

.765 See X below 5 


18 pt. hollow 

Rule See X below VA 

24 pt. hollow 

.765 Fonly 7V4 


180 130t 

24 pt. hollow 


30 pt. hollow 


30 pt. hollow 

Rule Fonly 5 

85 1001 

36 pt. hollow 

100 105+ 



= 54 strokes per minute 

* Cast with 

in metal of approximately 

by use of Elrod Hollow Body Material. 

(X) Eightee 

1 the Model 

u. , 

serial #933 

n rebuilt Model D or Model Ds Elrods shipped 

after July 1, 1927. 

Elrod motor Vt H.P., 1725 R.P.M. with pulley 

(Standard electrical specifications.) 

Alternating Current, Single Phase $ 38.50 

Direct Current 77.25 

Three Phase Motor Only 62.00 

Special Voltages Additional Charge 62.00 

Model F Electric-Heated Crucible 

Complete with all heating units, etc., 
throat and sealing heaters. 

(No. AEC-1302V4EA) 840.00 RADAS 

Model E Electric-Heated Crucible 

Complete with all heating units, etc., 

throat and sealing heaters. 

(No. AEC-1302EC) 840.00 TESTA 

Model F Gas-Heated Crucible 

(No. AEC-1802V5A) 500.00 PONYS 

Model E Gas-Heated Crucible 

(No. AEC-1802A) 500.00 POODS 

Model K Electric-Heated Crucible 

(No. AEC-3300) 680.00 COP/IPA 

Model K Gas-Heated Crucible 

(No. AEC-3800) 450.00 CONCO 

Model D 

Complete w 

3 Elrod machines in the 


lat no electric-heated ma- 

converted into an electric-heated machine. 
This is because of fundamental differences 

other parts of the electric-heated and gas- 

iw Typograph Company 

<"- Electric-Heated Crucible (for Model F and Model E only) 

According to the manufacturer, motors used on Elrod 

10% variation plus or minus in voltage. In other words, a 
115 volt motor is designed to operate satisfactoi : i 
line voltage between 103 volts and 126 volts, and a 230 
—, volt motor is designed to operate satisfactorily on any line 

Ludlow Typograph Company 


Pressure Mold Lubricator 

On all Improved Model D. Model Di 
Model E Elrod Machines shipped after Fel 
" .11 Model F Elrod machine. 

>r field installc 
Price does not 

er Gag. (AEC-1314V2) 

On all Model F Elrod machines. 
On all Model E Elrod mach 
after Sept. 15. 1938. 

installed on any Model E Elrot 

Long Diffusion Tube; 

field. For installation on machine! 

Improved Water Supply and Drain System, 
including two-way Water Valve. 

On all Model E and Model F Elrod ma- 
chines shipped after January 18, 1937.